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Change fetch/push URL for git remote

January 02, 2019 • ☕️ 1 min read

The typical git workflow at my employer is to create branches off of the upstream remote’s master branch, push those branches into your respective origin, and then create Pull Requests to the upstream’s master branch.

Keeping master updated with upstream in your local copy is fairly simple.

git pull --rebase upstream master

However, there is an even easier way that I’ve found works well for this workflow. Since this workflow rarely, if ever, needs to pull down what the origin’s master branch has, it would be simplier to be able to type git pull --rebase.

To do this, we need to update the fetch URL that git uses for the repo.

git remote set-url origin --fetch /path/to/upstream.git

Voila! We can now run git pull --rebase and git will look to the upstream by default when pulling down changes.

Likewise, the push URL can be changed in almost the same fashion.

git remote set-url origin --push /new/path.git

Note: This also comes in very handy if you’re transitioning a repo to a new remote since it lets you pull down the changes from one remote and push the changes to different one.

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